About Level 5 Research
Level 5 is operated by former Wall Street Capital Markets executives.  Management has over 15 years of experience in institutional equity sales and trading, research and investment banking.  Level 5's corporate overviews are fact-based discussions of the target companies and their industries to allow the investment community a better and more accurate understanding of the business operations without the traditional Wall Street rating system.  Our overviews are summaries of the company's business, industries and risks garnered through research we gather from the company and publicly available sources we believe to be accurate.  Level 5 seeks to highlight the essence of a company's business, services and technologies important to understanding the company and its value, allowing the investment community to utilize the overview as a tool in thier investment decision making.  Level 5 is compensated by our client companies for our time and Level 5's management does not hold shares or other securities in client companies prior to or at the time of Overview release.  More information on Level 5 policies are written in the Disclosures sections of our Overviews.